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Since 1993, our creative team has provided quality advertising content for corporate, educational, and HD video production & editing.

Having worked in television and marketing for years independently, we came together out of a mutual respect for our complimentary skills, collective entrepreneurial spirit, and interest in education.

Today, we help companies thrive in the 21st Century marketplace.

Our goal is to create unified branding strategies that synergize various media. Many of our projects culminate in an engaging interactive presence that captures significant attention and attains quantifiable results.

Services What We Do


With a strong background in graphic arts and illustration, our agency has developed brochures, original logos, and even architectural visualizations. We believe imbeccable design communicates value to the customer.


We provide custom photo shoots — in color or black & white — of people, products, and locations. Since this is a supplemental service, we can deliver quality at a fraction of standard photography day rates.



We create innovative and easy-to-navigate websites. Our forte is to analyze complex ideas and simplify it into graphically–elegant interfaces that engage customers and motivate them to take action.


From TV shows and documentaries to commercials and music videos, our production portfolio is vast. We focus on high-definition projects and also create vignettes for websites. We do most work in-house with Final Cut Pro.

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OOTA is a web ad startup designed to challenge Google ads!

This website was modified from the version created by their coding team to look modern and smart. We designed the logo to look fun, interesting, and ‘clickable’.

Alderpoint Ventures


Alderpoint Ventures accelerate human development by establishing and growing businesses supporting the market needs of the world’s emerging middle class.

This WordPress website was built from the ground up for a strictly business tone. Hard clean lines for a modern smart feel.

Visit Alderpoint Ventures to see more.

Hungry Turtle


Our team created the code, text copy, photography and graphics for this site.

Visit Hungry Turtle to see more.

Energy Concepts


We’ve worked on a multitude of projects for Energy Concept including creating their extensive website.

We’ve made banners and signage for trade show and festivals; and also developed a set of Keynote presentations for architects, engineers, and homeowners wich communicated with visuals.

In addition, we designed their logo and all related business collateral.

Visit Energy Concepts to see more.

Buzz Aldrin


Over the years, we’ve created content to help Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin market himself and his mission of helping others understand and experience space.

Foremost among these is his website and its seamlessly integrated online store.

In addition, we’ve assisted with his social marketing and developed large scale banners for his public appearances and trade show booth.

Visit Buzz Aldrin to see more.



Timesphere™ is a new revolutionary calendar for iOS devices that transforms your schedule into a spectacular 4D experience.

We worked to create a site for visitors to learn about this amazing new app available now in the App Store.

Visit Timesphere™to see more.

Resilient Northern Habitats


At FutureDude Design we have a love for nature and the environment. So working with Resilient Northern Habitats was fun for everyone involved.

This WordPress website was built from the ground up for a green natural feel. Warm earth tones highlight content and help the user navigate.

Visit Resilient Northern Habitats to see more.

Magnetic Productions


Minneapolis-based Magnetic Productions wanted an awesome website so they turned to us.

We got them up and running with WordPress, so management of the site is a dream!

With contact forms that help people apply to be on the shows they produce, this website is essential to Magnetic’s production!

The 50/Fifty Reel Challenge


This new film festival needed a website fast, and we got them one in only a few weeks.

Featuring WordPress code under the hood, the webmaster now has unparalleled control with no knowledge of code needed!

50/Fifty got an interactive experience with a custom designed logo and entry forms.

Visit The 50/Fifty Real Challenge to see more.

Center for Happiness


An inspiring client since we have personal connections to yoga. We created a warm and inviting interface that provides several types of information and invites a sense of community.

We developed a simple and easy to navigate site with a blog area that can be constantly updated.

Current clients are able to keep up with happenings at the Center, while the site also attracts new yoga enthusiasts.

Visit Center for Happiness to see more.

Pilgrim Dry Cleaners


We worked closely with Pilgrim Dry Cleaners to create an interactive website and store-finding system.

Using large crisp images and bold colors we made an easy to navigate fun experience. Now its even easier for anyone in Minnesota who needs a shirt pressed!

Visit Pilgrim Dry Cleaners to see more.

Glacier Hills Elementary


This project had to be geared toward two different audiences at the same location. The homepage directs users to either of two portals.

One side was an introduction to the school and its capabilities for marketing purposes, while the other served as a community for parent and teachers of existing students.

The site also features a cool and memorable logo designed by Jeffrey Morris.

Hamline University


We created a rebranding package for Hamline University’s Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching which included a 40-page website, catalog ad, two brochures, photography at multiple locations, and a 5-minute marketing video.

The website’s design needed to adhere to the client’s existing information architecture.

The final product is a cleaner, more accessible interface, focused on the Center’s mission. The new site has increased enrollment in the Center’s programs — which translates into greater positive change for the community and a sustainable revenue stream for the future.

Visit Center for Excellent in Urban Teaching to see more.

Treasure Adventure


Treasure Adventure was a site advertising fun historic tours for families and kids.

This WordPress website was built from the ground up for a fun professional feel. A simple layout with bold headers and big images that do all the talking.



Steiner Plumbing Electric Heating is friendly family owned home service business.

This WordPress website was built from the ground up for a homey business tone. A clean look with a more professional family atmosphere.

PSA Sports Auctions


PSA Sports Auctions is an auction & charity association specializing in sports memorabilia.

This site was coded in PHP with WordPress.

Albers Custom Fabrication


Albers Custom Fabrication is a fantastic business creating custom fabrication of nearly anything metal. This is one of the simpler designs we’ve ever worked on for a cost effective site.

This WordPress website was built from the ground up for a simple professional feel. A smart and simple layout.

Source Comics and Games


Source Comics and Games is one of the oldest websites we’ve worked on, and we’re still proud of how well it’s held up over the years.

This WordPress website was built from the ground up for an action comics and games feel. A busy action packed look with a simple layout.

About Company Biography

Jeffrey Morris

CEO / Senior Art Director

Jeffrey created FDD as a platform for sharing his broad–spectrum creativity to a wide range of clients. From visionary art direction to masterful media content generation and delivery.

Fredrick Haugen

Art Director / Web Designer

With over 25 years of a technology-focused management experience, Fredrick brings creative development, including illustration and design, to all of FDD’s interactive initiatives.

Ira Livingston IV

Production Manager

A visionary writer and producer of independent film and TV productions, including the 48-Hour Film Project, Ira manages the day to day aspects of FDD media projects.

Cortland Bechtell

Web & Graphic Designer

A talented computer artist with equal strengths in coding and animation, Cortland is key to visualization on projects. He’s key to the visualization and execution of every project.

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